I am ready to reveal the secrets of how I can help you sell your home. If you use a proven marketing plan to sell your home, then you’re starting out ahead. One of the most important factors in selling your home is market exposure. The more exposure you have, the better the chances of your home selling. I specialize in a marketing plan that utilizes the Internet. I use the best, most current technology, and understand the value that Internet marketing can have on your home.


Having an effective marketing plan certainly is not the only thing you need in order to sell you home. You need an experienced agent, one who is able to negotiate for you, and net you the most money when selling. Negotiating the terms of a successful contract can save you thousands of dollars. You home is most likely your biggest asset, and you should handle it as such. I provide full service, selling real-estate full-time, 7 days a week. I work closely with contractors, inspectors, appraisers, closing attorneys, surveyors, and have established great relationships with all of them. This experience and full service will sell your home.


  1. Marketing. Have a custom made marketing plan that exposes your home to as many potential buyers as possible. With 87% of buyers using the Internet extensively in their home searches, exposure is the key. My listings are featured in the most key places on the Internet.

  2. Staging. “Selling condition” is different than “living condition”. If pricing is the reason buyers look at a home, staging is the reason they make an offer. Accentuating the positive features and amenities of a home can either cause a home to sell faster or for a higher price. Following the recommendations of a professional stager almost always accomplishes this. Talk to me about ways to work directly with my home stager to prepare your home for sale.

  3. Photos.So we said about 87% of buyers use the Internet extensively in their home searches, so why not showcase your home the best way possible during those searches. Talk to me about my professional photographer that will take custom photos and a virtual tour of your listing.

   4. Negotiating. Many people think negotiating begins when the offer is received. The truth is that much of the positioning has been done prior to the offer being written. With every telephone or e-mail communication between the listing agent and a prospective buyer or their agent, the seller’s negotiating power is either strengthened or weakened. The savvy negotiator realizes that every question asked could be intended to expose the seller’s motivation or vulnerabilities. It is essential to evaluate the negotiating expertise of the agent you select.

   5. Problem Solving. After years of selling the residential real estate, I still encounter some unique circumstances in every transaction. A real estate sale is entirely more complicated than most people realize, and even many agents underestimate the long-term consequences which can occur. Certainly, some challenges are common to many sales, some are foreseeable, and most are avoidable. The first step in navigating challenges is not to panic. Listen to the entire situation and ask questions. A skilled agent can evaluate and communicate all available options to both sides of the transaction. In many cases, both sides want to solve the problem, and if they get past the initial panic, solutions can often be found.


I have information resources available no matter what stage you are at in the Selling Process


*FREE Market Analysis on your home. Knowing what your home is worth is vital information to have if you’re thinking about selling your home. With the current market data, I can determine what your Augusta Area home is worth. Call or Contact me today for your free Market Analysis.


*FREE home selling reports. These information gathered reports can help you when deciding what route to go when selling your home.


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